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Finding a teaching job in Izmir

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I was wondering if anyone knew of any English teaching vacancies in Izmir, with any reputable school?

I currently work for the British Council in Jordan and would like to move to Izmir within the next couple of months.

I have Turkish and British citizenship (although I left Turkey in 1972). I also have a degree, a postgraduate diploma and a CELTA.

I've been teaching English for 7 years in various different countries and have good references.

Since I have a good job at the moment, I couldn't really pack up and leave without having a job to go to - otherwise I'd be on the next flight!

I have had a couple of offers of interviews, but then have read pretty poor reviews for the schools concerned, which is why I'd like to ask somebody who lives there for advice.

If you can offer any advice or information at all, I would be so grateful to you.



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Hello Suzan,


There are a number of schools that teach English

German school, TED, Takev, American college, etc.

The German school in Kuscular is pretty new (1 year ago) the same for TED college and there is a new one opening this September called Bahcesehir in Yelki.

There is MEF in Gaziemir but the majority seem to be American teachers.

i do not have any contacts at the moment but if you wait till Monday week  I can get you some information as I will be looking at some schools for my son.

Good luck


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