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How to Renew a US Passport in Turkey, by Mail (UPS)

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I just renewed my US passport, by mail (UPS), from Antalya. The consulates don't handle renewals any more, they just receive the applications, which all go to the US Embassy in Ankara.


Here's the link for renewing your US passport by mail:


US Passport Renewals in Turkey


I filled out the online form (DS-82), submitted it, and printed a copy to sign and enclose with the renewal package to send to the embassy via UPS. If you also submit the form electronically, they give you priority.


For payment, I had to get a certified check from Garanti Bank (and ONLY Garanti Bank). Here's what the US Embassy website says:



For mail-in applications, you must pay with a cashier’s check - bloke döviz çeki or yurtiçi döviz çeki* - issued by Garanti Bank (only the main city branches will be able to provide cashier’s checks in U.

S. dollars).  Cashier’s checks are valid for ten days and should be received at the Embassy or Consulate at least three days before the expiration date.


This was kind of a pain. First I had to find the branch which issued this kind of check. After trips to three Garanti Bank branches (and convincing various bank employees that Ganranti Bank DOES issue such checks), I found the branch which issues them. Apparently this isn't something they usually do. But they did finally give me a certified check for 110 USD.


I found the UPS office in Antalya on their website. It's near the airport. Thankfully, the clerk was familiar with the process and had handled several US passport applications before. So I sent off my printed application form, photos, bank check and old passport by UPS and got the tracking number.


I was able to track the delivery of my package, the dispatch of my new passport from the embassy, on the UPS website by using the tracking number. After around two weeks, UPS delivered my renewed passport to my door.

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Ken, thanks for starting this thread. Because of the difficulties you mentioned, I decided to make the bus trip to İzmir to hand carry my passport. The consulates do take appointments and will renew passports not mailed. You need US dollars or you can pay by credit card. Kaş has only one Garanti bank branch and previous negative experiences with them encouraged me to not go down that "rabbit hole." 


Previous experiences with both cargo companies AND the US consulates was also a consideration. If there was some problem with any of the paperwork then I would be in a real mess. Now that I have made the application, personally handed over the old passport and received a receipt, I am more confident that they will be able to renew it and safely return it by cargo.


Of course, a trip to İzmir was not as difficult as if I might have had to go to İstanbul or Ankara. I may have reconsidered under those conditions.

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