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Erdoğan's Wealth

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The Missus has said on many occasions that the Turkish government has learned a lot of new tricks from its "big brother" the USA. Now they are learning how to collect campaign war chests just like the silver-haired and silver-tongued bastards who allegedly run the US government (aka Congress). I suppose the UK parliament has a similar bunch hanging around Whitehall?

Remember the name of Abdullah Bozkurt, the author of the following article, he may be the next journalist put in prison.

Erdoğan’s wealth:

"Erdoğan first set up what is now known as the "pool system" -- a term widely used to describe the collection of proceeds from bribes, embezzlement, kickbacks and other illegal activities...in order to stash money Erdoğan and his cronies were collecting from businesspeople who had been conducting a significant amount of dealings with the municipality.

The goal was to finance Erdoğan's political ambitions and set up an alternative political party when the time came."

Have a Political Action Committee (PAC) anyone?

"Many Islamists have come to acknowledge the disbursement of funds in kickbacks in exchange for contracts and tenders awarded by the municipality purportedly for the bigger “cause” and kept mum on this machinery."

"US ambassador in Ankara, Eric Edelman, told Washington on Dec. 30, 2004 that...

Erdoğan's justifications, stating: “His explanations that his wealth comes from the wedding presents guests gave his son and that a Turkish businessman is paying the educational expenses of all four Erdoğan children in the US purely altruistically are lame."

"Abdüllatif Şener, one of the four founding fathers of the AKP and who served as finance minister and deputy prime minister before resigning from the government and the party, says that Erdoğan has always had a major weakness for money. “I had come to recognize that character flaw of Erdoğan in the days we were setting up the AKP. That irritated me greatly back then..."

"Following the 2007 elections...

Erdoğan felt increasingly comfortable moving forward with a more comprehensive scheme to take commissions from government business awarded to private companies."

PAC's and lobbyists do this in the USA like hogs feeding at a trough.

"...obtaining permission to lease land tracts for mining or building a major housing project was only possible after paying a commission to Erdoğan-designated ring leaders who manage the pool. Cuts from securing licensing for investment and industrial production were also added to the pool."

Sounds like the good old Mafia to me.

"In a digital audio file leaked on Feb. 24, 2014 -- which was analyzed by independent specialists who confirmed that it had not been spliced or edited -- Erdoğan reportedly told his son to quickly get rid of enormous sums of money stashed in the houses of several family members. The amount was reportedly some $1 billion and was taken out of family homes under the cover of night on the day corruption suspects were rounded up by the police."


Image Source: What does one TRILLION dollars look like?


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Yep, all true.  He's also clamping down on anyone found saying or repeating things against him (especially on social media), having them punished with disproportionately lengthy jail terms (in comparison to serious violent crimes where offenders are granted reduced sentences if they behave well in court).  All those poor languishing journalists & students ! :(   [Even we may not be safe].


I've long suspected the parallel structure is a figment of his paranoia, nothing more than a smokescreen for party corruption, with the perfect scapegoat found in Pennsylvania.  Not a single scrap of evidence to show for it. And now he's been granted a "blank cheque" (check for you Americans), to spend as much as he wants on anything he wants without having to account to anyone, not even parliament.


I wouldn't be surprised if he's lost credibility among other world leaders, he really does need to be taken down a peg or 2 ! sad.png

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