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Turkish Citizenship Interview Done

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Can you speak/understand Turkish?

Where did you meet your husband?

What is your husbands parents names?

Do you have children?

Can you make Turkish coffee?

Do you see your husbands parents often?

Do you love your husbands parents?

Names of husbands siblings

Is she muslim(directed to partner)

Names of my parents(directed to partner)

Names of my siblings(directed to partner)

Have you visited my home country(directed to partner)

Do my parents visit(directed to partner)

Lasted less than 5 minutes

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Lol @ can you mae Turkish coffee birgits_coffee%5B1%5D.gif


My interview was in turkish and I could only speak in english so it lasted literally 1 minute, then they called in my husband and spoke with him while they ate lots of buiscuits and tea. So I wasn't asked anything. Mine was in Izmir, where was yours?

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Haha I know!

Luckily, I went in with hubby but I can speak enough Turkish to answer all the questions that were asked of me(I checked with him when we left lol!)

Some interviews took ages though so I had time to build up anxiety waiting! Grrr. Same here...5 dudes including military sitting drinking tea & coffee. Mine was in Hatay x ps I even sat in car on way there trying to learn the words to the national anthem(I'd read somewhere they ask you that) & I was fully prepared to launch into song if needed haha they would have stopped me after first line...guaranteed

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You were much more prepared than I was! I would never have gotten citizenship if I had to sing the anthem, wasn't gonna happen lol 

I didn't have the military on my panel, I guess in Hatay they take it more serious there. I lived there few years ago. 

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Any idea why they looked in your wardrobe? That seems rather invasive. What would they expect to find in your wardrobe? An ISIS flag or a weapons cache?


They looked inside the wardrobe to see whether you had any clothes in there which determined whether you were really living there - also probably looked for husbands clothes to see if he was living there.

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Lol I know she was looking for clothes so I wasnt that bothered about that. Only hubby was at work so couldn't help me Arrrgghh!

She asked me same questions:-

Do you speak/understand Turkish?

When/where did you meet husband?

Do you have children? Turks are obsessed with kids! (the dreaded question for me!) I should have just said no but me being me felt the need to explain myself. So I told her about my multiple miscarriages & that we have in fact also tried IVF (she asked for proof!) luckily, I had 5 years of misery documented in the form of hospital reports to show her.

I just find it insane to even question the validity of marriage between Brit & Turk, do people think I'm living here for the fun of it!!! If my hubby agreed we'd be on a plane tomorrow! Oh Sod's law I had been ill do my house was a mess!!! I can just imagine what she wrote on notes...is a slob and cannot reproduce!!! Lol

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Ayse, when will you hear the result of your application, interview and house inspection?


I felt for you about the house situation but it would be like that if they came here today. weather is too good to spend in the house and not in the garden after a long winter.

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  • 3 months later...

I applied for my kimlik in Mersin in December 2013.  My paperwork was lost (of course) and after chasing it up the polis turned up at my house twice over the following 6 months.  I also had a polis interview.  I did fingerprints as well.  In March 2015 I had my interview.  Lots of smiling.  Easy peasy.  But I am still waiting on my effing kimlik and my visa expires in two weeks.  What should I do?  I really dont want to have to go through the visa renewal - again!  Suggestions?

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JaneyinMersin, you could nip out of Turkey on a ferry and come back on an evisa,but that would only give you another 90 days here & if your card isn't through by then you would need to leave Turkey for 90 days, apply for another RP.

You can apply for a less than 12 month Permit,so 3/6 or 9 months are available to you.

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 ı lıve close to Mersın and just to reassure you that ı too have been waıtıng for over 2 and half years for kımık. It has been one joke after another wıth regard to reports.  Everythıng at begınnıng was so easy ıntervıes etc but polıce ınterpol checks and delays on thıs caused more enquıırıes to be done agaın ıf ıt ıs a true marrıage etc.  thıs has been done now 3 tımes because the bloody system ın Mersın ıs laughable. No rush to do anythıng. My RP ran out ın Aprıl and because ı was told ıt was nearly comıng ı refused to redo as not compulsory . I therefore dıd evısa ım now nearly at the end of my 90 days whıch means ı have to go and spend tıme wıth my daughter ın north cyprus for 90 days tıll ı hear fro Ankara.  Every week ı telephone them and they are so embarrased but put the blame clearly on Mersın dıstrıct not reactıng to there requests.  I have left 5 days of my RP free so that ıfffff my kımık does come through soon ı can nıp back over wıth no problems and get ıt sorted.  Im sorry you are goıng through all thıs mess too as ıt ıs so very stressful especıally when you hear other dıstrıcts and people gettıng there kımlık sorted wıthın 12 months.  At thıs moment ın tıme nothıng ıs beıng done or saıd to thıs dıstrıct to get there act together ı have even wrote to letters of complaınt to Ankara regardıng my applıcatıon .

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