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Retirees not allow on İncirlik Base

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I am not really sure how many retired personnel in Adana or how many people are interested with this new topic but this is just an information to those retirees out there. As a retired military personnel we had a base privileges to use commissary and BX, exception of ration items as hard alcohol and gas since October 2013, and as of last week they banned access to the base for all retired personnel including use of the medical facilities, when I asked the question why was this happening they said a few that caught of doing black marketing and new Turkish base commander has changed the policy. Now correct me if I am wrong but if there was a change on policy would be according to SOFA (Status of Force Agreement) between the host countries if there is a black marketing why not just punish those who made the crime rather than punishing whole. As I read some of the posts there was letter of notification for allowing retirees to use commissary and BX.     

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Several people were caught black marketing a few weeks ago but only one was a retiree dependent.  The rest were various and sundry type personnel, Active duty dependents, contractor dependents etc etc so I doubt that is  the reason.


Don't hold me to it but scuttlebutt has it there appears to be a pissing contest going and I gather Retirees are a soft target. 



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There is a dispute going on between the US and Turkish commands from what I have heard. So it probably has something to do with that. When they get it sorted out, privileges will probably be restored. I don't think it has to do with black marketing, since only those involved would lose their privileges, not everybody.


The way I am reading it, you haven't lost your BX/Commissary privileges, It is just the Turkish forces refusing access to the base. As I understand it, people who have to drive on to the base for work are being told that they have to park their cars and walk. So apparently now they are refusing access to retirees as well. Once the dispute is settled and things get back to normal, they will probably start letting people on again and you can access the facilities.

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   I just talked to a friend on the Lik who works as a contractor.  They are still driving onto base to work as before.  I believe you are right about Bx/Commissary privileges still being intact.  As it was before, retirees were not allowed to drive on base  except for medical appointments.  Most were using taxi's for all else but about two weeks ago the Turkish IC disallowed access to taxi's on base, so retirees were humping it to the nearest on base shuttle bus stop and then struggling to carry whatever they could back to the gate from the BX or Commissary. 


The refusal of access for medical appointments is a completely new wrinkle.  That has been allowed for about 50 years, way before BX/commissary privilege came about for retirees.  Many retirees go there for primary care appointments and to obtain medications, not only from Adana, but also folks from Ankara and Izmir.  The Regional Tricare Office is located at the Base Clinic so my guess is this fact makes the situation a little more serious.



   This dispute Ken refers to has been going on for several months as I understand it, so don't hold your breath for return to the previous status quo any time soon.


I am retired myself and have no official connection to the base, so everything I say here is unofficial and conjecture only.  I believe it to be pretty accurate but certainly couldn't swear to it in a court of law.

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Incirlik just posted an update to the retiree entry situation.  It basically says that there is no change and retirees are not permitted access for any reason due to change in access policy by Turkish Installation Commander and that they will make an announcement if any change occurs. 


You can view this announcement by accessing the Incirlik AB Home Page.  Just google it.

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Thanks for sharing the info I read the post on AB home page, looks like they are taking this pre serious, but nothing here is a set stone I am sure U.

S commanders and OIC are doing best for us retirees, one thing we learned while in military was we take care our own don't leave nobody behind so hopefully we get some results soon.

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