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Divorce Turkey - Question


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Good afternoon,

I have a question for those who may be in the know.

I am British, married in Turkey 15 years ago to my now ex-husband (Turkish).  We divorced in the UK last year, after 5 years separated.


In the 5 years we've been apart I've been living in Cairo for my job and met and been in a relationship with an Egyptian man for 3 years.  Now that I am officially divorced, we wish to marry.


I suppose my question is, that although my divorce was issued and is recognised in the UK, do I also need to register the divorce in Turkey, as I don't want any problems with my divorce paper when I get married in Egypt.


If yes, how can I go about it? Are there any recommended lawyers I can use in Turkey / UK?


I look forward to any helpful information.


Thank you!

Kindest regards,




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Somebody might correct me on this but I would have thought that you would just need your English divorce papers translated and certified in to Turkish and then presented at your nearest Turkish Consulate. The reason I say that is that we did it the other way round. My husband got his divorce in Turkey and presented the English translation along side to the registry office here to show he was legally allowed to get married He also submitted his formula B which showed on the Turkish system he was single but the registry office here were more concerned about seeing the divorce papers.


Maybe try contacting the Turkish consulate to see what they would require you to do.


Hope that helps.



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Hi Linda,

Thanks for the info. I am hoping it may be as simple as translating and presenting at the Turkish Consulate (I have already emailed the one in London and am awaiting a reply).  I've also messaged the British Consulate in Egypt asking the same, but I could be forever and a day waiting on a reply :)

The last thing I need is handing over my papers in Cairo to realise that I need something from finalised in Turkey also!

Anyone else in the know?  How can I go about 'registering' my divorce in Turkey, without my ex-husband or I having to go to Turkey.

Thanks again,

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Hi Ellen, 


Let me briefly explain your question. 


Under your circumstances you do not need to take any legal action from Turkey, which is why you are not going to get marry in Turkey, but in Egypt instead. 


Your official marital status would be "married" before Turkish Authorities until your divorce ruling (given by UK court) has been recognised and enforced by way of a lawsuit in one of the Turkish Family Courts. However, in practice even if you do not follow this procedure, it would not be an obstacle for you to get married in Egypt or in UK, considering the fact that this procedure is required by Turkish law but not by other jurisdictions.



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Many thanks for your very helpful reply Eglegal. 


My fiancé has spoken to the authorities in Egypt this morning, and he has been told similar.  My UK divorce decree stands from the UK Court in Egypt. 


It just seems strange that my marital status is 'married' in Turkey to my ex-husband.  But I will deal with this eventually, as long as I know it's not compulsory at the moment and not preventing my new marriage.


Out of interest, what is average cost to have my divorce 'recognised' at a Family Court in Turkey, including the cost of power of attorney etc?


Thank you.


Kind regards,


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