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Problems with boyfriend's family and friends!

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Hello everyone.


Six months ago I broke up with my turkish boyfriend after 4 years.

I had to stop our relationship because, in the last months, we couldn't find a compromise.


It should always be me to accept and to compromise, to change my country, my habits, myself, while he would keep his life as he wanted and, most of all, would please all the terrible people near him (possessive family and friends).


Some examples: it was simple for me to go to Turkey and fix all the foreign stuff (Visa, learning turkish etc) but it was hard or impossible for him to come to my country and do the same things (he stayed one year in my country for a language course in Uni and he didn't learn anything because he was too lazy, sleeping until noon!).


It was ok for me to leave my country, my family, my friends, my car, my everything, but it wasn't ok for him: his parents and even his friends were putting their noses and their tongues in our decisions and he was listening to them more than me!!!


I had already found a job in TR and bought my plane ticket, so it's clear that I was ready to move to Turkey but ... this situation wasn't good enough for him and his family&friends!

His father started a war against him because he was planning to move to a different city, his mother and relatives and friends were all oh so sad, creating problems and feelings of guilt.


At the end of the road, after our breaking up, now he's working in his small horrible city, near his friends and horrible family and I'm going on with my life, and I'm so happy for that now!

It has been hard at first because I was planning my life with him, we were even thinking to marry... but now I feel so lucky to have my life back.


I would like to know other stories of women who broke up with their boys and, at the end, are happy for that...

I'd like to know if other girls experienced the same problems with family and friends.


I've always felt I was his last thought but he was persuading me that it wasn't true...but. at the end, I understood that I was right since the beginning!

Luckily we didn't marry because I would have been so unhappy with him...and his family!!!


Thank you 


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Dear Blooming Flower:


Hello there!  


Inspite of reading your experienced with a Turkish guy,  still I'm confused if I done the right thing or not with my ex boyfriend.  


Please kindly read my post, NEED ENLIGHTENMENT.  I would greatly appreciate if you can give me some advise.


Thank you in advance.



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