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Residence Permit Procedure (Antalya - 13/2/2015)

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Hey all... Ken asked that I repost this topic.  I've attached a .zip archive file that you can download, and find some useful documents for the Ikamet process.  It contains a spreadsheet (also in PDF format), which details all of the required documents, expenses, my comments, etc... It also has blank copies of all the forms.  


Anyway, here is my original post on the issue:


We just moved to Antalya, and my family went applied for the Ikamet on Friday.  Everything went great!


After a week of hard work getting everything prepared, and some fervent prayer, we showed up at the Antalya Emniyet Müdürlüğü Uncalı (police station) at 07:30, and were first in line before about 50-60 others.  As soon as they opened up we took our number and then were called to the Ikamet security window, where we handed over all of the paperwork. As a point of note, you will conduct all of your Ikamet business (except payment) at an outdoor covered pavillion at the Emniyet, so dress warmly if you go in the am.


Anyway, we went armed to the teeth with every original notarized document you can imagine, organized by category inside an inexpensive little portable file.  In addition, I made separate application packages for each of us.  Each package consisted of COPIES of original docs, and all packages were identical except for the application forms (i.e. - each packet contained copies of everyone else's documents... maybe overkill, but then, I had some pretty good results and it only cost me a few more pennies in copies).


Much to our surprise they didn't ask for a single piece of original evidence to support the application other than the insurance forms. The official wanted the original color-printed health insurance policy forms.  Fortunately a friend of mine tipped me off to this, and so before going to the Emniyet I had the insurance guy give me two sets so that I had one to keep, and the other to give.   


Anyway, there was no scrutiny, no interview, not even a single question.  The officer simply reviewed the four applications, handed us the approval forms and directed us to go pay the fee.  The only hiccup was that I forgot to get my kid's tax number, which the cashier required before we could pay.  So, enroute to the pay window, we took a short 30 minute detour to pickup the girls' tax numbers, but then we went straight back and paid the fee and were done.  (As an aside, beginning from last week, you pay all Ikamet (Ikamet and booklet) fees at the Emniyet... so no more running all over the city to pay fees.)


So, all in all, the whole process took less than two hours!  When we were done we still had enough time to walk to a nearby patisserie for some yummy pastries and çay.


One final note.  Unless you are older than 65, they require you to have private turkish health insurance.  They police actually called my friends $10,000 USD worldwide platinum policy "Trash"!  I know the law says you can have international policies, but in this case, local precedence rules.  So, save yourself the heartache, don't fight the system, and go and pay the money to get the insurance.  It is cheap (~$250/adult/year), and is actually OK insurance for basic stuff.  






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Private health insurance.  As far as I understand the rules, you have to live in Turkey for one year before you can qualify for SGK, but you would have to do some research and check on that.  We used Erdoğan Akyüz at Limon Sigorta in Konyaalti district.  He speaks english, and sold us a policy from Ankara insurance... It was pretty inexpensive (see spreadsheet for costs).  The company's contact info is 0242 229 66 61   [email protected]

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On 30 June, 2015, we went to the Antalya İl Göç İdaresi Müdürlüğü (ikamet/foreigners office).

Ken's TC OP shows an accurate map and photos, many thanks, it helped us to find it easily.

Coming from Kaş we followed the airport signs as we entered the city. The D400 will curve to the right at a major junctions, make sure you stay in the right hand lane and make the FIRST right and IMMEDIATELY turn right on the access road heading back the way you came off the D400. The entrance is to the left, immediately turn left again into the otopark.

My appointment given to me from the online system was for 01 July at 10:00 so we left the day before, 30 June, 2015, and planned to stay overnight so as to have a decent sleep and arrive early to encounter the bureaucracy.

We arrived mid-afternoon on 30 June and drove to the location on the map to ensure we knew the location of the foreigner's office. Since we arrived there around 15:00 we decided to get out and look around and see what we would get into the following morning.  

We went inside to the information (danışma) guy who, at first glance, looked to be a curmudgeon but who, after speaking with "The Missus hanım" for a few moments, lightened up and got a twinkle in his eye. It seems he is a retired policeman and is the ideal, no-nonsense guy for the front desk. The Missus explained that we had just arrived from Kaş, far away, and even though we had an appointment for the next morning, she asked if it would be possible to be seen immediately instead. The danışmacı raised his eyebrows a bit, went away, and came back shortly with a nice-looking and very polite young man who said he might be able to help.

The young man asked a series of quick questions before he would take us back to his desk:
do you have...? yes,
do you have...? yes,
do you have...? yes, etc.

All seemed to his satisfaction so, much to our delight, he took us to his desk and started to process our paperwork. The Missus had arranged the documents and labelled them with small sticky notes to make it easy for the official to quickly and accurately look through them. What harm is there is making it easy for the official to find everything?

There were absolutely no glitches, all was tidy, in order, and he accepted our paperwork.

They asked us why we did not mail in our paperwork. I pointed out that the final page of the online application stated clearly "you are required to apply in person..." The official assured me that they would also accept mailed-in applications. I said I felt more secure turning in the paperwork directly to an official, then I would know for a fact that they received it, and that I would know at that moment if any documents were missing and if not, then we would be assured all the paperwork had been submitted and accepted. 

The official then said we had to go around the corner, in the same building, to the tax office (vergi dairesi) and pay the fee for the RP. I commented that we paid 55.00 TL in Kaş which was the only fee mentioned on the web site. He said that was for the card but there is also a fee for the family (two-year) RP. This is written nowhere on the the online final page. He apologised and said I was correct, this was not stated on the web site and that it should have been.

The fee at the tax office was $140.00 USD. The gentleman at the tax office said the fee for this RP was different for different countries. Take along plenty of TL and/or US dollars to be sure.

The very friendly elderly gentleman in the tax office said their system was down at that time and might not be up before the tax offices closed at 16:00. The time then  was around 15:30, but he said we could wait at the small büfe in the compound which is within sight of his window. We waited for a while and finally he said it probably would not work by the time the offices closed. The problem was that the Turkish government had given a one-time amnesty to tax evaders to pay delinquent taxes by June 30 and the last day/minute applications had taken down their system.  

We then went back to the residence permit office and The Missus and the official chatted for a few minutes. The official said, no problem, since we had planned to stay overnight, we could bring the tax payment receipt back the following morning when the system was back up and we would then be finished with the process. He also said that if we were not staying overnight, we could pay in Kaş and mail the tax receipt to him. I felt that a personal handover was better.

We returned the next morning around 10:00 and the tax office was open and the system was up. We paid, took our payment receipt to the RP office guy who made and gave us a copy. He then printed out a very official document which has my photo in black and white and stating that my application has been approved and that I was waiting for my card to arrive.

The official said if I planned to leave the country before my card arrived that I would need the two tax receipt copies plus the paper he printed for me. We asked him his full name and phone number at that moment and said if we had to leave and had a problem with passport control could we have passport control call him. He willingly gave us his full name, phone number and assured me he would talk to anyone who doubted my application.

He then said we were officially processed. The official said they would mail my RP to me in about 25 days or perhaps less. I had successfully submitted all my paperwork for my two-year family RP with a total office time of less than one hour.


They have a formal translator and many of the officials there speak a "little" English some a lot more than others. The ikamet office has a translator but that may not get one speedily past the information desk (danışma) which you must go through in order to see an official to process an applicant's paperwork. They were all very friendly and appeared sincerely trying to help and answer questions. I was pleasantly surprised at the modern offices they have as well as the sterling customer service skills demonstrated by the officials with which we interacted.

If an applicant does not speak Turkish, they would be well advised to pay for and take along an official Turkish translator or an English-speaking Turkish friend.


We took our Tapu but did not have to show any insurance.


They told us that what the Antalya office wanted was a police record check on The Missus and not on me. She said that did not make sense and that the website was clear to us that it was the foreign spouse who must have the police record check. I suggest that folks applying for a family RP get a police record check on both spouses. The check did not cost us anything at the Kaş savcılık office.

I asked about the permanent residence permit and he said the only cost was for the card or 55.00 TL. He also said that it could take UP TO ONE YEAR for the permanent RP to be finalised! I was astonished. He told me that they have to run various background checks, etc on the applicant. I asked if they give some proof of application while this is happening. He said yes but that temporary proof was only good for 90 days. After that, an applicant would need to go back to the office and get another 90 day extension until the permanent RP becomes effective. OR ELSE he said, the applicant could stay sequestered at home, and certainly not drive nor leave the country until the RP came back approved. Your experience, of course, may vary from mine.

For a couple who are both foreigners, each application must be separate and each must pay the same fees. Probably obvious but rather to state the obvious than have it asked.


The date in the upper left hand corner of the final web page of the online application is important. The official looked at that first because he thought I had not made my application before my current ikamet expired. Make sure that gets printed along with the page which starts with "Your application numbered ...... has been successfully saved."

They will not send to a PO box, they send only by PTT and to the address on the application only.


The fee for BOTH 1-year Residence Permits (short-term and tourism) is 55 TL for the card and $80.00 USD for a one-year tax/fee. The fee is less if you apply for less time.

They told me that anyone who arrives on a tourist visa can wait one month and then apply, within Turkey, for a residence permit. The Antalya officials said an applicant is not required to submit their application from their home country.

They said that people applying for the "tourism" RP do not need a rental contract, nor a tapu. If they are staying at a hotel they have to get a letter from the hotel they are staying for the duration of the RP which is in 3 month increments. (3 - 6 - 9 - 12 months) OR, if they have a close friend with whom they are staying the friend will need to accompany the applicant to the ikamet office and state that the applicant is staying with them. This is the same requirement as the previous "tourism" RP. The cost is 55 TL for the card and $80.00 USD for a 1-year RP, less for fewer months.

The Antalya office told us that will soon start to send officers to various branch offices around the country and that Kaş is on the list.

My visit to the Antalya foreigner's office for my ikamet appointment was on 01 July.

Yesterday, 08 July, I received my new Residence Permit card.

On 07 July we received a SMS text message from the PTT office saying a package had been dispatched and that we should expect it to be delivered very soon. It had a PTT tracking number on it. The next day The Missus went to the Kaş PTT and they already had the envelope with my RP in it!!

When The Missus picked up the envelope and signed for it, the PTT official entered the information into their system and within minutes she received another SMS stating the package had been delivered!

Pretty smooth and except for the trip to Antalya, the process itself was relatively hassle-free.

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Hi Turkey2014,

Thank you for sharing your precious experience in detail.

According to your Excel file, you showed them your and your wife's birth certificate and marriage certificate. 

I am going to Turkey with my wife. Should I bring those with me because I don't remember I have seen this information anywhere else.

If Turkey2014 is not available these days, can anyone tell me about this?


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On 21/02/2015 at 18:36, turkey2014 said:

Private health insurance.  As far as I understand the rules, you have to live in Turkey for one year before you can qualify for SGK, but you would have to do some research and check on that.  We used Erdoğan Akyüz at Limon Sigorta in Konyaalti district.  He speaks english, and sold us a policy from Ankara insurance... It was pretty inexpensive (see spreadsheet for costs).  The company's contact info is 0242 229 66 61   [email protected]

I got private health insurance from AK sigorta  in Tekirdağ for 1 year for only 209TL.


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