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The following notice has been serviced:-


We are aware of recent scams that involve tricking people into believing they are helping friends and family members who have found themselves in difficult circumstances and financial hardship while travelling abroad.


There are different methods scam artists use. One of the most common scenarios is a hacked email/social networking scam, in which a hacker sends an email or personal message from a person's email or social media account requesting payment to return home, pay outstanding debts, visa fines and similar.


If you receive such a message, first of all try to verify the whereabouts and well being of the individual concerned by contacting them directly on their known email address/account or telephone number. Do not use any contact details given in the message.


If you cannot establish contact with the individual or have any concerns then please contact FCO consular assistance team on 020 7008 1500 (24 hours) or nearest British Consulate in Turkey (https://www.gov.uk/…/…/organisations/british-embassy-ankara…) before taking any other action. Consular teams can provide assistance in case of emergency overseas.


Visit “Action Fraud “ ( www.actionfraud.police.uk ) website to report suspicious correspondence, support and prevention.

Beğen ·

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