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50 signs you've been in Turkey too long!

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Last night I had a craving for işkembe soup. Soup made from stomach. I mean a craving like nothing else would do. So I went out, found, and ate some stomach soup. Before I came to Turkey I would never have thought to eat an animal's stomach, in any form. Maybe a sign that I have been in Turkey too long.


The soup was excellent.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I have not heard the drum for a long while as I do not now live in a city. When we lived in Izmir I enjoyed it as I woke in the night but still had more time to sleep!

Another to add to the list..... when you return to your own country on holiday and sit in the car at the filling station waiting for the attendant to come and serve you.

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  • 3 years later...

Here's a few of mine, compiled over my 20+ years in Izmir:

1. When you still check the taxi meter after midnight to see if it's on "gece" rate (habit from the past).

2. When you no longer automatically assume the older men with young girls in the bar are daddy and daughter out for a beer together.

3. When you need to leave the country every 4-6 months for a break to get your head screwed back on straight / go back to reality.

4. When you seek out the "expat" bars in the resort towns for something "different".

5. When you are no longer surprised when the bank teller asks for ID when you are DEPOSITING money.

6. When you automatically stand right on someone's rear at the ATM to avoid anyone cutting ahead of you.

7. When it no longer seems strange that no one ever pushes their chair in when they get up.

8. When you have forgotten what it's like to drive because you haven't had a car for years.

9. When you notice the LACK of the call to prayer when in some other countries.

10. When it seems normal that Christmas or Easter are just another day.

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When you are talking to an English person and they look at you blankly and you realise that you've been talking to them in Turkish.

When you no longer wonder at being able to sit outside comfortably in the middle of winter.

It no longer seems strange to order a new bottle of gas for your cooker.

When you are calling people abi, abla, taser etc instead of using their names.

When you are used to to travelling hundreds of km by coach for around 50tl (£7ish)

Turkish relatives turn up at a days notice to stay a few days. You were expecting 5 but eight turn up and they stay a fortnight. Actually, I don't think I will ever get used to this one!

Your Turkish visitors take over the kitchen and cooking cos they prefer it to your foreign rubbish. First time it horrified me but after that, whey hey, carry on.

When you are used to seeing little children running about until the early hours of the morning.

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