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Going to a Turkish wedding.

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Well, as the title says, in March this year (2015) we are heading over to a new part of TUrkey for us, Trabzon, to attend a wedding. I would say that it is going to be a " traditional Turkish wedding" however the groom, thoroughly Turkish, is marrying a Russian bride, so I don't know just how traditional it might be.

But I do need somebody's help with regards to a number of things.

1/ what should we take as. A gift, is it generally like an ENglish wedding where you would bring something lovely for their new home together or is there some deep seated custom which we should pay heed to?

2/ attire........ I am guessing just usual suits for fellas and smart dress/ suit for the lady. I'm guessing that March in TRabzon won't be roasting, right?

3/ tradition...... Is there anything we need to know about so we don't get caught out like a couple of british idiots abroad?

Thankyou in anticipation of your help.

Oh and " happy new year" to y'all!:)


Incidently, just thought.... As the bride is RUssian ( Ukrainian to be precise ) does anybody know if there are any particular Russian / Ukrainian traditions/ customs we should know about in advance?

I mean for example, if we start launching paper confetti or chucking rice at them at the appropriate time in the ceremony are we likely to be arrested, chastised or strung up, or are things like that common practise...

Things like this are very delicate matters you know!

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Most weddings I've been to here have been really nice, some quite ghetto lol never been to Trabzon though ... dress code for Turkish weddings are mostly smart casual or semi formal, never too formal, or just wear whatever you want like a cute dress smile.png A small appliance makes a useful gift; toaster, blender, juicer or grill.


Wooooooooo, look a this Trabzon wedding, they're like riverdance, not as good but ok kicking%5B1%5D.gif

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For a gift it is money or gold. They don't have a tradition of gift lists at all. Mainly because their families save up their household items (ceyiz) from when they are young. 


For dress it really depends. I mean some people go to weddings very casual but a lot of the younger crowd like to wear black tie and ball dresses. 


You will probably end up looking like idiots abroad - it can't be helped lol! When you hear the music and see the dances you will be like what??? You just have to kind of pretend you know how to dance but really you won't have a clue. I went to a wedding in Istanbul and the brides family was from Trabzon...be prepared for loud traditional music which will leave you with a headache. 

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If you go to any jeweller and ask for a 'Cumhuriyet' it is a certified piece of gold. A full Cumhuriyet will cost a lot but they also sell half (yarım) or quarter (çeyrek) and at the wedding you pin it onto the bride. Depending on how close you are to the bride and groom, and to how much you can afford. It is an ideal gift. They can sell it as and when they need money.

Today full Cumhuriyet costs 626 TL

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