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Can a Polish Citizen Find a Job in Turkey?

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I am Karol and I am from Poland. I am 21 years old and I can't really speak Turkish. 

I've got diploma that I can work as a chef. I've got it from my high school. 

Unfortunately so far I wasn't able to get an (official)experience in this section of work. 

I am willing to learn Turkish, but atm I know nothing beside some simple single words. I can communicate in English though.

I want to go to Istanbul ASAP cause of my girlfriend who is Turkish and lives there. 

How are chances for me to find a job in Turkey- Istanbul? 

Is there a work for foreigners in this section? Should I make a publication on Turkish sites in English that I am looking for job? 

I don't know how to start. What should I do 1st? 

Every response will be appreciated! smile.png

Greetings, Karol!


I must add that I can't find anything on Turkish sites since it's all been in Turkish language. 

I'm CRyingggg

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I hate to say it, but I think your chances of finding work as a chef are very small. You would need to be hired by a Turkish company before you got here, or be in country for at least six months. You would also need to be able to do a job that an unemployed Turk could not do, or be hired by a company which has at least five Turkish employees.

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Most Turks have zero business ethics, so you run the risk of not being paid working without a work permit. As did I once when I was teaching English. They took several months to process my work permit and didn't pay my last month's salary of 3,500.tl. I had to leave the job, so I did my part by giving a month's notice, silly me! Never worked for another Turk again.

You may have more status and job security in EU countries.

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