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Buying a vehicle at Incirlik and pet boarding

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Hello all, just discovered this forum and it's awesome!  I am likely inbound to Incirlik and I don't have a vehicle, but would like to purchase one when I arrive.  What are the options to purchase a car that's a decent size (new baby with lots of baby goods)?  I understand that there isn't a lemon lot on Incirlik.  What do folks normally do?


Also, I heard there isn't a pet boarding facility on incirlik -- what do people with dogs do?  We have a small dog who I don't want to have to leave behind for two years!


Thanks all!


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Hi Jim, and welcome.


Sorry for the delay in my reply. I'll contact some of the people I know at Incirlik and see if I can get you an answer on this. I know people bring pets to Incirlik but I don't know the procedures. I'll also try to find out about buying a car there.


I assume you contacted your sponsor, unfortunately sponsors aren't always as responsive as they should be.

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I just heard from my friend at Incirlik. One option is AAFES car sales, where you can buy a car and have it shipped to Incirlik, if you just show them your orders and have no car at Incirlik already. If you don't want a new car, people advertise their cars for sale on the Incirlik TV channel. Also Incirlik has a Facebook page here:


Incirlik Facebook Page


Also there is a closed group called Incirlik 411


Incirlik 411 Facebook Group


You can put your request on one of those also.


Regarding pet boarding, there is a kennel on base according to my friend, which can host your dog for a limited time. Off base there is also a pet shelter called "Pati Pet." Their website, at www.pati-pet.net is not working, unfortunately.


I hope that helps.

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I just called him. He said there are several car dealerships on the highway between Adana and Incirlik.


Turkish cars are very expensive, though. If you compare the prices between buying an American car that somebody brought over and transferring the paperwork, and buying a Turkish car, you will definitely buy the American one.


When people bring cars over here, they are on something called a beyaname. It's customs paperwork, allowing you to bring the car in and take it out again (otherwise you would be importing it, and it would be subject to outrageous taxes, often more than the value of the vehicle itself). You cannot sell it to a Turk, or even let a Turk drive it. It is strictly for your use only.


But you can transfer a car you bring in to Turkey to another US person stationed in Turkey (the beyaname is transferred to their name). For that reason, the price of the car will be much lower, because it is a US car with a US price. The Turkish cars, because of taxes, are much more expensive.

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