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Changing my name on my passport

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Hi everyone,

                     I could do with some help again! i married a month ago in Turkey but have had to come back to the UK until January, at which point i will move to Turkey permenatly, my question is i would like to change my name on my passport while here unfortunatly my paper Certificate/Affidavit is in Turkey with the marriage office confused1%5B1%5D.gif , the passport office said i cannot change without this, my husband has said this paper cant be taken from the office, any advise would be wonderful. smile.png






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Dear Tracey,


Having consulted the issue with our legal consutants they came up with the idea that you should visit the Turkish Consulate in your area. As you have got married here in Turkey they should be able to reach your identity details and present you a document with your marriage surname, which then you should take to the passport office for the changing of the passport. 

Please keep us informed of the updates which could be of help to others who may be in your situation.

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I need to change my name also. I was given a Formul B? is the document you need to change name and use as proof of marriage? It contains date of marriage, place, my maiden name, my married name and mine and my husbands name?

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