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A video about the WWI "Christmas Truce," for its 100th anniversary.

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I don't think it's crap, or cashing in on the deaths of anyone.  It's about how much Christmas and the act of giving can mean, even in the worst of circumstances. Any movie making company which makes a war film  film makes a profit from it, and nobody accuses them on cashing on on the deaths of those who are depicted. Besides, Sainsbury's made it in cooperation with the Royal British Legion, and any profits from the sales of the chocolate bars like the one depicted in the film, which they will be selling up to Christmas, will go to the Royal British Legion. Well l done I say. This is about the making of the film.

Sainsbury's Christmas - The story behind our Christmas ad


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 It's not a film.

It's not a video.

It's a Christmas TV advert for a supermarket..


 It is an advert, so by definition is manipulative. It's trying to get us to buy our turkeys and tinsel from that supermarket.


This is about using war to sell supermarket products.

Using war in art or film is different, but of course can still be exploitative. This advert is exploitative.


Opinions seem to be split between it being epic or disrespectful, about 250 people have complained to the ASA about it.



"Exploiting the first world war for commercial gain is tasteless. This, however, is not what disturbs me most. The really upsetting details are the stunning shot of the robin on the wire, the actors’ trembles as they cautiously emerge from the trenches, half expecting a sniper’s bullet, the flicker of understanding in the eyes as the young soldiers reach into their pockets at the end. The film-makers here have done something to the first world war which is perhaps the most dangerous and disrespectful act of all: they have made it beautiful."





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