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car import taxes & rules for COMPANY

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Hi everybody,

I'm thinking to start a used cars dealer company in Turkey.

But there is a very short amount of information about import taxes, rules, etc, etc..


Could anybody help me with exact info? I already tried to search this and few other forums,

but most questions is that "some guy from UK / USA / Mars want to bring a car from his home country to Turkey",

my situation are different.

I want to import not just 1 car and not for myself and not as a person but as a company (Turkish co.)



For example questions to which I would like to know answers:


How the import tax are formed?

Does it based on the price in the foreign invoice (which I will get for example from German car-dealer)

or on some other factors?


Do i need to bring car after tax clearance to some "certification agency"

or to pay import taxes is the only one thing which I needed to do ?


Do i need some special licences from government to be able to import cars into Turkey

or I only need a registered Turkish company (like any shop or cafe) ?

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That's a rather specialized question, I think you would need to contact the customs directorate of the Turkish government. Their website is here:




Also, contact the local Turkish embassy or consulate in your country, or there may be an office in the government of your country which facilitates trade with Turkey.

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I personally would say,that if,& it's a big if,you were allowed to import cars en masse to sell,after you have paid the hefty tax fees to Turkish Turing Automobile Club [ TTOK ] there won't be hardly any profit in a car.


Just been looking around the web,and came up with this,also many other sites i looked at all said something very similar.


'' Importing your car to Turkey is a complicated procedure that requires much patience, more documentation, and payment of roughly 6000 Euros - so you should definitely decide how attached you are to your auto before starting the process.

The whole process is regulated by the Touring and Automobile Club of Turkey, or TTOK; and is only allowed for those foreigners who will be coming to Turkey on a temporary residence permit (work permit), as a retired person, or as a resident student. If you do not fall into one of these categories you cannot import your car to Turkey.

If you do, then you can import your car, but you will need to get an "Alien Vehicles Temporary Entrance Carnet" - a document obtained from the TTAA. This document is granted only once you have submitted countless other documents - most proving safety of the vehicle, ownership of the vehicle and your write to live and work in Turkey.

It also stipulates that the imported car cannot be sold, lent or rented to anyone else in Turkey, and only officially registered persons are allowed to drive it.

If you're okay with this, then you can anticipate paying the following fees:

Transportation of the vehicle

The Carnet fees to TTOK

Security deposit (returned to you when you go abroad)

Customs fees

Insurance (green card)

Tax fees

Notary fees.''

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