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Advice needed regarding relocation

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Hi everybody,

This is Omair Khan. My wife and I landed in Gaziantep around 3 weeks ago and have submitted our residensy papers. I wish to relocate in a city where there are maximum business/job opportunities for foriegners.

My wife is an architect and also has experience in teaching (University level) and I have done my Bachelors in Mass Communications and was working in an advertising agency (about 4 years experience).

Looking for some valuable feedback from the members here.


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Have you seen this article:

Jobs in Turkey

Normally I would say Istanbul has the most opportunities, since that is the business center of Turkey. Istanbul would probably be your best bet, but I don't know what the current situation is because of all of the foreigners which have come into Turkey because of recent events.

At the bottom of that article are links to all of the major employment websites which have jobs in Turkey. What I would do is go through those websites to look for a job. You will also probably see which city offers the most jobs, so that would give you the answer.

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