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Is 6000 TL/PM sufficient for two to live a decent lifestyle in Istanbul

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I am Vikas from India and will move to Istanbul this November, and soon my wife will accompany me.


I have few questions related to living expenses in Istanbul. I shall receive 6000 TL per month and my wife will search for a job once she arrives in turkey on dependent visa.


Request you to answer my queries mentioned below


  1.  What is the average rent in Istanbul for a 1 BHK apartment in European side
  2. What will be my monthly expense for two on medical insurance food, travel, taxes and other utilities
  3. How easily one can get a job having a masters degree in management with a work experience of 4 yrs in chemical industry


Hope to get some answers on my queries soon




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Well it can vary a lot depending on your expectations and your job. Most jobs provide free transport and lunch. Public transport is cheap anyway. You can eat very cheaply if you buy food that's in season and don't have meat every day. However, if you prefer to eat non Turkish food or imported food, it will be expensive. 


I have no idea about the job. It's not easy for companies to hire foreigners. 

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Hi Vikas

Cayaholic is correct, that salary is a good one, even in Istanbul.

Rents can vary widely depending on what neighborhood you are in, but I know someone who found a place like you are looking for in Çilinger, one of the more trendy neighborhoods near Taksim, for 700 TL per month, which was a great deal.

Have a look at this article:

Renting an Apartment in Turkey

Especially the links to the major real estate websites at the bottom, where you can see the prices first-hand.

The price of health insurance can vary from person to person, unless you go with Turkey's national health insurance plan.

See this article:

Health Insurance Coverage for your Residence Permit

The national plan costs 240 TL per month, last time I checked.

For your job, see this article:

Finding a Job in Turkey

It is not easy for foreigners to find jobs, but it isn't impossible either. The company you work for must already employ five Turks for each foreigner, or it must be demonstrated that the job can only be done by the foreign job candidate.

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