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DIY Turkish (consensual) divorce

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Hi everyone,


   I've been separated from my Turkish wife for almost 3 years now and we've decided it's now time to get a divorce.  We've had no kids together, no property issues.  Clean and simple.


   Or not so clean and simple.  First of all I understand I need to get a Turkish 'Boşanma Protokol' officially translated.  Where do I go to do this?

   Secondly, once the protokol is translated, I'll need to take it to a noter.  Which noter? Can it be any of them?  I took the untranslated protokol to a 10. Noter, but they had no idea what it was.  They weren't very helpful either.


   It would be great if anyone could at least point me in the right direction.  I can manage a lot of the Turkish Kafkaesque bereaucracy most of the time, but this is leaving me stumped!



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Hello Malcalypse,

Welcome to our forum. I am a Turkish solicitor.

What you are informed is right that you have to apply for a divorce with a protocol. If you have made a mutually signed protocol, then it can be translated by a sworn translator and then can be notarized by any Turkish Notary.

Once you get the notarized/translated protocol, you may open a divorce case in the Turkish Courts.

You do not need to be present at the hearings if you appoint a lawyer acting on behalf of you.


Av. Merve Balin

Skype Name: Merve Balin

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we did a DIY divorce and you don't need an attorney. our total combined costs were around 5 or 600TL, including interpreter for the hearing (though we found one who did it for next to nothing. if you're in istanbul i can send you his info, otherwise expect to pay upwards of 400TL for the 10 minute hearing). the protokol document is pretty straightforward, we got a template off a website, but i unfortunately can't find the website. i do, however, have the version we ended up using (it's in turkish, but google translate does a pretty good job of translating it so you have a better idea of what's in it), so i can email that to you as well. we had it notarized at the local notary down the street from us. pm me with yr email address and i'll send the document (edited of personal information) and the interpreter's info if you want.

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