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Move to turkey

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Hi Annie, welcome to the forum!  Armutalan is a small town about 50km from Muğla, near Marmaris.


Someone else may know if there are any international schools in that area (with instruction in English, and expensive), but failing that you'd be faced with sending your girls to a Turkish state school.  Since they are still quite young I'm confident they would adapt fairly easily, but a lot depends on them individually and on how you yourself adapt to the life here.  The younger the kids are, the faster & more smoothly they adapt (IMHO).


Good luck, and remember we are here to help with anything else you might want to know about moving to Turkey! smile.png

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Hi meral

Thank you I don't mind them going to a turkish school I just worry whether they will enjoy it my girls are definitely fast learners especially my 5 yr old she loves to learn and very quick at it.(I know all mum's say it about their children but she really is) I worry more about my 3 year old as she is very shy and not as confident as my other child I am quite quick at adapting so I thin they will be too what would my children be in would be creche or full time school as I know the age differs in Turkey?

Thank you for your help x

Also how does health care work in Turkey as my youngest does have asthma would I be better having long term travel insurance just in case?

Pps...do I need to apply for a residents visa straight away or can I use my three month visa you are issued at the airport?

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I don't know. I would have thought so, if they're going to government schools. Is their father not the Turkish fiance? If he is, it will be easy to get them citizenship. 

What sort of job do you want to do? If you have the qualifications to work as a teacher, and you got a job at a private school, some of them allow your children to attend for free, or at least for a discounted price.

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