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working in marmaris

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Shelby,sorry to burst your bubble,but getting a legal job here in that line of work is 99.9% impossible. You can only be employed to do a job a Turk cannot,so that really only leaves,for most people, teaching of which you need certain qualifications.

If you are caught working illegally you will be deported & banned from Turkey for what could be up to 5 years,then you have to apply to the Turkish Embassy in your home country & ask for an entry visa.

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Redders is right, it is difficult for a foreigner to get a job doing what you would like to do. But if an employer already employs five Turks, they can employ a foreigner if they want, but they will have to go through the work permit application process with you. See this article for information on how it works:

Turkey work permit

I hope that helps.

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Dont think that working conditions in Marmaris is like you have at home , people here working like 16 hours a day in the summer season and money wise is really bad , but if you looking for fun more then money ...why not ?


also you can check this for working visa conditions in Marmaris Turkey http://marmaris.info/qa/


best think that you can do apply thomas cook , or some travel company and if you can get a job like a hotel rep , this will be the best that you can get in Marmaris

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