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Antalya Muratpaşa, and Where is the 5M Migros Shopping Mall?

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How far away is Fener, Çağlayan, Şirinyalı and Yeşilbahçe from city center, both in terms of in terms of traffic (do the main roads between this area and city center have heavy traffic during rush hour?) Are there buses from/to this area from/to the city center and if so, how long does it take to get to city center?  

Do you  know the neighborhood name that has the 5M Migros in Konyaaltı?

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I used to live in Muratpaşa too, a good way to explore without getting lost is to travel using the Tram line. Go from one end to the other, stop off and explore, the tram is slow, so you can keep a mental note of places. The bus-stops have really good maps & the buses are numbered to match stops on the map. There's a really good network of buses in Antalya, and yes, there was traffic mostly in the afternoon and early morning.

A lot of the police officers speak English, so it's a great resource, as you can ask them just about anything.

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Thanks, IslandGirl!  Those are really good tips.  Where in Muratpaşa did you live? 

I'll look to see if I can find a map online of the Tram line.  Is there a stop in Çağlayan, do you know?  Or how long it would take  a bus to go from Çağlayan to the city center?

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For the tram line information, go here:

Antalya Ulaşım

Click on "Antray."

But the Antray, or tram, doesn't go to the 5M Migros. However, the bus number KL 08 does. The KL 08 route is all along the coast.

I live in Sinan Mahalle, about five minutes from the old city (Kaleici). The rental prices here are lower than other areas. I was surprised to learn that, since I thought a neighborhood so centrally-located would be more expensive.

Sinan Mahalle seems to be where the locals live, nobody speaks English on my whole street, but you get a lot more apartment for the rent money here. Also I don't need a car since everything I need is in walking distance, and if I need to go to a mall, I take a bus to to Terra City in Lara or take the tram, (5 minute walk to the Doğu Garajı tram stop) to Mark Antalya in Muratpaşa or Özdilek shopping center in Dokuma.

I haven't been to the 5M Migros yet, but the Migros website should have location information for where all of their stores are.

As far as traffic goes, I just took a taxi back from Özdelek Shopping Center and there was lots of traffic coming in to town at 4:00 PM. He had to take a few side routes to avoid the congested main streets. Also around this time the Antray is standing room only.

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I just recently saw the Özdelek Shopping Center  when I was on AntRay, and so am looking forward to checking it out.  

Indeed, I like the Doğu Garajı neighborhood and thereabouts.  Everyone we knew was pushing the neighborhood around the 5M Migros in Konyaaltı and so we did see it. But I don't get the appeal, especially compared to various places in Muratpaşa.

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That's around where I live. That is, Doğu Garajı is near my home.

Easy access to the tram as well as the old city (Kaleici). Also rental prices are a lot lower around Doğu Garagı.

It's kind of the "working class" area. Özdelek is indeed an excellent mall, they even have a home and garden store called Bimeks. I've bought a lot of do-it-yourself stuff there, also split-level air conditioners, and they install for free.

Behind Özdelek is a BIG Kipa store which has a huge selection of groceries. If you don't have a car, the Doğu Garajı neighborhood is excellent. Besides the Antray, you can also take the Antik Tram around the edges of Kale Ici. Or just walk right in to Kale Ici.

I might not always like living in city center, but here I definitely don't need a car. The local public transportation system is excellent.

Earlier you asked about where the 5M Migros was. You can find it here:

5M Migros Antalya

I have found that if you want foreign foods, like pork, or cheeses which are not the usual white or yellow, go to Lara to Terra City. They have a store there, I believe it's called Macro Center. If you can't find some foreign food somewhere else, try there.

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