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Overstayed on visa

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Hoping somebody can help me out here!!?


I overstayed my visa last October when I was visiting family, I was stopped at passport control which ended up in having a 3 month ban and a 660TL fine. This was paid into the police office in Ataturk airport, I still have the proof of my payment.


I am due to return to Dalaman on 10th August but really am starting to worry, I have heard I can be refused but I have downloaded my E-VISA, all flights and tickets are booked.


Will I have major problems when I try to enter into Turkey as I made a point of staying clear for 10 months. I tried numerous times to get in contact with my Turkish consulate in London but it would never direct me to the correct number (if anyone does have this would be a help)??


Thanks if anyone does help!



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Hi Posted Image

I have also been banned from Turkey in the past for renewing my 3 month visa after having a 6 month permit they told me the police in the airport told me i had been cheeky and that was the reason for my 3 month ban !! 

My friend who overstayed her 3 month visa a few years ago paid a fine but she now has to go to the Turkish Consulate in London to obtain a visa from them, If it was me i would ring the Turkish Consulate just to make sure you are ok.


Hope this helped you Posted Image

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