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Observations on European driving styles.

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From a recent road trip.

France. The French are rude - if you leave a space ( for safety ) between yourself and the car infront, guaranteed some French man will come along and fill it up - from over or undertaking - they don't mind.

The Germans are very well behaved, they stick to the speed limit, they in fact don't appear to do anything they shouldn't. Apparently they are great at doing what they are told!

The Swiss appear to like to crash - A LOT - wether this is because of a lack of things to do when there is no snow to ski on. They also appear to take great pleasure in putting holes in things, like mountains and cheese.

The Austrians are like the French, but smoking more.

And Incidently - although we didn't come through Spain - the Spanish are nonchalant drivers who can't build cars or roads, in their defence though- they make a mean paella!:)Slovenians style of driving is designed to help enhance ones psychic powers. They don't like to indicate that they are about to pull out to pass vehicles infront of them, they just do it - or don't.... Your guess is as good as any bodies. The only fortunate thing is that you are guaranteed to see them doing it or not because they all have their lights on all the time :)

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