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Excess baggage from australia to turkey

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I've done it. I don't recall which airline it was, but I showed up with an extra bag and was also overweight (the baggage, that is). They charged me a few hundred dollars for it, which seemed high, but not so bad when compared to sending it by FedEx.


I think you should check the website of your airline and find their policy and prices for excess baggage.

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Wow. That was more than I expected, too.  Regarding shipping as an alternative, I wouldn't send it by mail, but that's just based on bad experiences I've had sending things by mail to Turkey from the US. FedEx and other worldwide shipping companies have better package tracking and overall quality of service. 


Let us know how this turns out... which worked better for you. We can all learn from it. :)

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Wow Aussiegirl, that's a lot of bikkies (almost prohibitive) for 30kg of clothes & shoes!  Are they worth that much? 


At current exchange rates (AUD/TRY) that's 2200 lira, which should buy you a good 30kg or more of clothes & shoes in Turkey (unless of course they are expensive items like wedding dresses/evening wear).


A good rule for packing, told to me many years ago :  Lay out all the stuff you feel you need when travelling -- then halve it.  And you'll still find you've brought too much.


Take if from another Aussie girl --- it works !  Happy travelling! :)

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You can also put in a 'bid' to bring over extra luggage. If you tell the airline you are relocating they may give you an extra baggage allowance, free of charge. You need to do this well BEFORE you fly. I was successful with Turkish airlines and we got an extra 10 kg each. Alternatively, send the extra stuff over via AP. Last year I sent over 30 kilos and I think it cost me about $400. Be aware however, that the Turkish postal service allows them to charge a tax on any items worth more than EUR 50. As a result, if you send stuff over with Australia Post and you put a replacement value for insurance on the form, this will appear on the outside of the box. When it gets to Turkey the PTT will tax it, no exceptions. When it finally gets here it will probably wind up in Basaksehir (waaaayyy past the airport), no matter where you addressed it to. I live on the Asian side and had to take 4-5 forms of transport to pick up my stuff. As Meral asked, are you really sure you need to bring this stuff over now?

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