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can my wife teach in a driving school?

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My wife is a driving school instructor and running her own driving school in Algeria.

As we plan to move to Turkey, can she work as a driving instructor, does she need a work permit?

If any one can advise and give details and procedures


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She would definitely need a work permit. And the school would have to already have hired five Turks before they can hire a foreigner. Plus the school would have to take care of the work permit application from their end as your wife also submits paperwork at a local embassy or consulate, or within Turkey, if she has been a legal resident of Turkey for at least six months. It is possible to apply for a work permit in Turkey, but only after being a legal resident for six months. Otherwise it has to be done at an embassy or consulate outside of Turkey. And she would have to already have a job offer before she submits the paperwork. Have a look in the articles section under the category "Working in Turkey" and you'll see an article about work visas and work permits.

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