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Advise on pensions in Cesme

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Hi I am new to your forum, my husband and I are travelling for a few days from our apartment in Altinkum and we would love to spend two or three nights getting to know more about Ceseme. We are usually lucky and find a very cheap pension to met our needs but not knowing the area I was wondering is this possible in Ceseme or is the accommodation mainly beach front hotels, which may be a stretch too costly for us.  If anyone could give us some advise on this we would be very grateful and who knows we might just end up at your pub quiz!!  Posted Image


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There are many small family-run pensions in the back streets of Cesme, many of them just a few hops away from the centre of town.  There aren't many beach-front ones because there aren't many large beaches close to the centre.  Also, there are many small boutique hotels not directly on the sea fronts, not only in Cesme itself but in nearby villages of Ilıca, Alaçatı, Çiftlikköy and Dalyanköy.  Try this website to find some of them :




Some of the ads on this site may help too. :)

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I think the most economical ones that I've heard of are near the town beach (Tekke plaj). To reach this you go along the sea front and after you pass the little fishing boat harbour there is a little hill and at the top of this and round the corner, you will find one or two small hotels which I believe are economical.


Quiz night is tomorrow, 19th May and every fortnight. You will be very welcome.

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