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Is Incirlik Safe for Dependents

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Hello all,


I'm in the Air Force and have received orders to PCS to Incirlik. I have been given a lot of information stating that Turkey is not safe for dependents, especially since they now receive Imminent Danger Pay at that base. I was wondering if Incirlik is safe for dependents and if there was any information/documentation about the safety of the base out there. 

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Hi Incirlik Bound, and congratulations on your assignment to Incirlik. I don't know of any safety documentation, but the OSI normally does a brief during in-processing. Unfortunately it's not published anywhere.


The base itself is quite safe, as safe as any other Air Force base. Outside the gate is "The Alley," which is just a road which goes out to the highway, lined with restaurants, bars, and shops. This place is also quite safe. In fact the local merchants make sure it's safe, because if anything happens the The Alley can be put off-limits by the wing commander.


I got Imminent Danger Pay when I was stationed in Turkey too, we all wondered why we were getting it, if that tells you anything. There were no circumstances where I felt in any danger, except for the beginning of the second Iraq war when we didn't know if Saddam Hussein would fire a missile at Incirlik. Other than that there was no "imminent danger."


I suspect these days it's related to the conflict in Syria. The Syrian border is perhaps a couple hours drive away. But none of this has spilled over as far as Incirlik that I have heard of, there were only incidents of mortars or missiles hitting just inside the Turkish side of the border.  But again, that will be very far from where you will be.


All in all I think you have nothing at all to worry about except what to do with the extra money from Uncle Sam.

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I was a General Contractor at the base for 6 years from 2005 till 2011. It is a huge base and has many facilities and amenities you will enjoy. We never heard or encountered any specific dangers while being there. The worst occasion could be a small car accident. Cheers.

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I have never been stationed there but I doubt it is as dangerous as downtown Hay Street, in Fayetteville, NC was in 1966-9. It earned the nickname of "Little Saigon." AND, we never received "Imminent Danger Pay" while stationed there, however we should have received "Hostile Fire Pay". wacko.png

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