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Military service

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Hi, this is just a random thought that occurred in my mind! My partners and I's plan for when we have our first child is for me to come back to England to have the baby so my parents can be there as my partners will see the child most of the time as we will live in Turkey. Anyway - if my baby is a boy and born in England but gets his Turkish Citizenship when we go back after several months, when he comes to the age would he have to join the army as he will be half English?

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Hi Danielle, I have heard that any male with citzenship is subject to miltary service but never actually found any proof in writing for this. There are different clauses and buy outs sometimes come up as well.


By the time your son gets to that age, the laws etc probably would have changed though, so not sure that you can try and pre-empt this situation

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my understanding is that the current law says that if he is born with turkish citizenship then yes, he has to do military service. i had turkish friends in the US who chose not to give their sons turkish citizenship for that very reason.

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This is from the Netherlands gov't information website. I'm sure this will apply to any Turk with Dual Nationality. Can't say what will be expected of your boy 20 years from now, let's hope girls don't get drafted too like in Isreal Posted Imagehttp://www.government.nl/issues/nationality/dual-nationality/compulsory-military-service-in-turkey-for-dual-nationals


Compulsory military service in Turkey for dual nationals

If you have both Turkish and Dutch nationality, you must perform compulsory military service in Turkey. Giving up your Turkish nationality exempts you from this obligation.

Compulsory military service in Turkey

Under Turkish law, all male Turkish nationals under the age of 45 must perform military service. Men who are Turkish and Dutch dual nationals must perform their military service in Turkey; this cannot be done in the Netherlands.


Postponing Turkish military service

If you are called up for military service in Turkey, you may apply for a postponement. To apply you must contact the Turkish consulate. A postponement is valid until you are 38. After that time you must perform your military service before you turn 45.


Turkish military service and exemption fees

You can fulfil your obligation to perform Turkish military service in one of two ways:

  • [*]do your 15 months of military service in Turkey; [*]do only 21 days’ basic training in Turkey and pay an exemption fee.

The amount of the exemption fee is:

  • [*]€5,112 for men aged under 39; [*]€7,667 for men aged 39 to 44. Please note that these amounts, taken from a letter to a former Dutch minister, may be out of date.

If you are not passed for military service, your obligation to serve lapses completely.


No military service obligation

If you give up your Turkish nationality, you do not have to perform military service in Turkey. This is possible under Turkish law, as long as you meet several requirements.

  • [*]You must be at least 18 years old and legally competent. [*]You must have another (e.g. Dutch) nationality. [*]You must not be on a list in Turkey of people being sought in connection with a criminal offence. [*]You do not owe back taxes and have not committed any criminal offence.

You can renounce your Turkish nationality at the Turkish consulate.

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I think the above is a little out of date now.  The duration of service has been reduced to 12 months, and it's no longer necessary to do the 21 days.  There's also no longer an age limit to apply for a paid exemption from outside the country.  Also, you can't just give up Turkish citizenship without a very good reason -- and not having to do military service isn't accepted as a good reason.


In any case, all these things may be different in 20 years' time, so I wouldn't worry too much at this stage ... :)

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