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Can I Work as an English Teacher in Turkey with a Trade School Degree?

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I have been searching high and low for an answer on this and the Turkish Consulate in Los Angeles is giving me the run around.  I have inquired at a couple of schools and get conflicting information.  

I have a technical degree certification not a 4 year university degree.  I have been told that language schools will not hire me with out the combination of my CELTA (that's what I am possibly going to get) and a university degree.  Another school told me that American teachers are in high enough demand that I can get a job and the Ministry wont really know the difference between a trade school degree and university degree.  

I don't want to pay for a CELTA course if I won't be able to get a work visa.  

Another friend said that I could get my CELTA, then get a job as a nanny (just to get my visa) and do private tutoring on the side.  That doesn't sound legal and I don't want to get deported.  

Does anyone have any input on this?


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If your qualifications are equivalent to a 4 year university degree/BA & it's recognised as such then there shouldn't be a problem. You should have some documented proof of this. It can be in any dicipline/field of study. Can you get it appraised? In some countries like the UK, technical certifications such as NVQ's have enough weight to be equivalent to some Bachelors degrees in related fields. 

Aside from that, lots of people work here without work permits, but there is that little risk of deportation or not getting paid.

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