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Just about everything you do, from selling a car to buying a house (and giving power of attorney) needs to have the documentation notarised or the documents won't be admissable in a court of law.

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Thank you! I'll try to explain the situation 

There are 2 companies, one of them is Russian and the other is Turkish. The Russian company made a power of attorney so Turkish company could represent the Russian one. It took place in Turkey and it was made in simple written form without any notarial certification.


I need to prove that this power of attorney is invalid. 


In Internet I found a phrase  "Under Turkish law, only Turkish public notaries (noter) are authorized to issue power of attorney in Turkey".


That is perfect for me and this proves that the power of attorney is invalid.

But to prove it I need the exact article of the law. 

I even don't know to which legal act I need to refer...

and unfortunately I don't know Turkish so it is difficult for me to find the exact provision. 


Please can anybody tell me what law provision says that the power of attorney is invalid if it was not made before the notary public or something like this? 

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Just to make it clear: in the Russian Civil Code there is an art. 185 which is called "A power of attorney" which says that a simple written form is enough and the notary certification is needed only to make transactions that require notarial certification.


As far as I can understand, under Turkish law a power of attorney should be always made by the notary public. I just need the law provision to prove that.  (maybe it is the civil code, maybe the law of notary publics etc. )


Please help! 

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I don't know if this will help, I found the website of the union of Turkish Noters




You might be able to write to them.

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