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Married in Turkey but now want a divorce in UK


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My husband has agreed to an amicable divorce, he lives in Turkey and I live in the UK.


We have been apart for over 2 years and he now has married a Turkish lady under Islamic law.


We go married in the Town Hall in Kas in Turkey after I had obtained a special blue license from the registry office in Warwickshire in the UK.


I have a Turkish Wedding Book and I want to know the easiest and cheapest way to divorce my Turkish husband.


Can I just apply for a divorce through the British Divorce Courts?


Please help as I've met someone else and we are planning to get married next year but I need to sort this out first.


My husband is a good man but I just don't love him anymore and he is happy to divorce me without any problems.

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I believe your marriage would be recognized in the UK and therefore you can apply for a divorce there (this topic has been covered in earlier threads).


Alternatively, your husband could apply for an amicable divorce in Turkey but you would need to sign something or possibly come to Turkey to sort it out.  I don't know which way would be cheaper.  I hope one of the forum lawyers (or anyone else who may have been through such a case) comes along soon to advise you properly (I'm no expert)! :)

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Either would be an option. If you got a divorce in Turkey and it wasn't contested you'd get your decree absolute in 15 days. You need to have this translated and stamped by a qualified translator or solicitor. If you then wish to re marry in the UK you world submit the translation to the registry office when u give notice. They then send it to the general registrar to be approved (trust me I know as I've done this). You won't need to wait to get married once the decree is approved. If you go down this route you'll need to attend court or give power of attorney to act in your behalf. If you divorce in the UK I believe you would need to submit your decree absolute to a Turkish court for approval. I think there is still a period if 300 wait until a woman can re marry in Turkey.

Hope that helps

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