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I'm Alex, I am Asian and I have a boyfriend from turkey. I met him online and we've been in a relationship for almost a year now.  I had no idea that I'd be falling for him. But, he proved of his good intentions. We started exchanging messages for at least a month before he confessed. Since then, we've been in love. He already introduced me to his friends but not yet to his family and he said that he needed time before doing so. I respect that. Neither have I introduced him to mine. I don't want to be blinded about my feelings for him, so I searched about what typical Turks are. I must say, its overwhelming. Coz most of the things I read are good and matched his sooo good characteristics. The others I read are somehow, not so impressing, but I know that its in general. But there's this one that caught my attention and it says something like this: That Turks only go for non-Turk for sex and then leave them after. It made me feel off.. 


Anyway, he had never been to our country and we've been talking about him coming over anytime soon. I'm feeling so anxious to seeing him. But the thing about what I read online is making me worry. I need advice. THANKS in advance.

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Hi Alex, welcome to the forum.

If you are excited about embarking upon a new relationship, let this excitement, this emotion lead you. If you embark upon a relationship and you are weighed down by skepticism and doubt, a relationship which could otherwise be beautiful, will be flawed.

If you were to believe EVERYTHING that you read on the Internet, i am sure that you would never leave your house!

Take all the hearsay with a pinch of salt, be wise in your decisions regarding how your relationship will progress ( or not ) but above all stay safe and alert to any advances which you may not wish to reciprocate, have heaps of fun and push the boat out...... Hey, who knows..... You may even fall in love!!:)Lin x

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Hi Alex



I'm Alex, I am Asian


Asia extends from the Anatolian side of Istanbul to and ends (I think) at the end of Indonesian archipelago.


Your ethnicity is important because Turks (who look for relationships on the internet) believe in stereotypes.



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