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New to Adana, Turkey

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I just got in last night. I will be here for around 6 months. I look forward to traveling some and good food and shopping. I have read some forum posts and found some info. If anyone has any recommendations of places to go or things to do please let me know.

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Welcome to Turkey and most importantly, welcome to Adana.

For shopping in Adana, there are two major shopping centers, Optimum Outlet and M1. I mainly buy stuff from these two centers. There are also lots of restaurants in these two shopping centers. Cinemas, video game rooms can also be found here. For clothes, there are many stores gathered near Ataturk Caddesi. 

Ziyapaşa Street is one of my favorite street in Adana. You can find many bars, coffee shops, and dinner places near that region. Also you can check other cafeterias and bars near "Duygun Kafe". It's close to Çukurova University, and lots of young people hang out around in this neighborhood.

For food, Adana is a place famous for Kebap. I highly recommend Dede Kebap and Hasan Usta Kebap. There are lots of fish restaurants near the big lake (sorry, I forgot the Turkish name of the lake...

Lake Seyhan?) these restaurants serve good food too but a little bit expensive. The big lake is near the university too, and it has a nice view. There is a designated area for barbecue near the lake. It's definitely worth checking out.

Adana is close to Tarsus and Mersin. There are beaches near Mersin. A nice place to spend summer weekends.

Hope you enjoy your stay in Adana.  

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