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Selimiye or Turunc

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I live in Istanbul and am coming down to the Marmaris region from 14-20 July (approx). I haven't been there before and am tossing up whether to stay a few days in Selimiye then a few days in Turunc. Alternatively, should I base myself in one and then travel around the peninsula? I won't have a car so will have to rely on local transport. If the suggestion is I base myself in one or the other, which one would be better? Recommendations most welcome. I speak pretty good Turkish, want to stay somewhere clean and close to beach facilities that is quiet. I don't need loud bars (there is plenty of that in Istanbul)

Thanks for your suggestions.


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Hi Lisa,I think that if I were you I would visit both, staying three days in each.

Turunc is a lovely quiet town, ( actually thinking about it, there is a nightclub up on the hill ) the beach is sandy and quite quiet and there are great cafes and restaurants, the fish at the restaurant on the corner next to the army barracks is gorgeous, a DEFINATE recommendation.

There are lots of boat trips available ( and English speaking guides and operators too ) and also a taxi boat to marmaris. I would DEFINATELY go by boat rather than rd because some of the taxi drivers are mental and the mountain road is really winding and sloped by sheer drops!!!!:/Because the town is so little, I think I'd be bored after three days, so Selimiye will be the next stop.

LOADS of places to visit from here, selimiye beach and " front" is very varied, art gallery to ice cream etc! Better shopping than Turunc.

Access to all the different areas in the big bay and not too far to take a trip over to Tolgut where there is a great family run restaurant, pontoons/ pier and camping beach.

Hire canoes for some games in the bay at Selimiye, and watch all the charter yachts anchoring for the day.

So pretty.... Wish I was there now!

Lin xThis is just before Turunc....

Absolutely beautiful!

The waterfalls near selimiye, well worth a visit! Turgut selasi



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