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Positive story to share

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Hi everyone.


I'm gonna keep this brief - some of you may already know my story but basically. I met my other half in Marmaris, yes the typical English girl meets barman/manager falls in love and wants to leave on the next flight to Turkey for good. Well life isn't that simple is it! Almost 3 years on and no permanent UK visa (whoever says it's easy to get one is lying!) 2 years to get a Turkish divorce after being told several different things. Not being able to give notice of marriage after being told you can't on a visitor visa (another misleading comment). Then finally finding a registry office that will accept it and booking a wedding less then 3 weeks ago! Me and my lovely man tied the knot!


It was the best day ever!! and to make things even better our little boy is due in less then 4 weeks! Finally get to be a family! I'm now a Danış (which means information haha!) 


Visa issues still going on but we are now husband and wife!!


Fight for the things you love, follow your heart but use your head!


Lindy xx

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I love this!! Wonderful news Linda! So good to hear some good news and positivity.


An intelligent and lovely woman and now you can enjoy you rlife as husband and wife knowing that you have been through hell and back together and came out the other side better and stronger.


I hope the visa situation clears itself up quickly so that you can get on with your lives together as a family :)


Keep fighting honey.


Take care xx

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