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Getting married in Turkey

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Hi I plan to get married in Turkey in October 2014 however both my partner and I are uk residents and have been married before.

My partner is just completed her divorce and I was wondering if there is a waiting time after getting divorced before re-marrying again.


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Why would there be a waiting time?

There might be, because under Turkish law a divorced woman is supposed to wait 9 months before remarrying, in case she's pregnant (!!!).  I have no idea if this applies to non-Turks wishing to marry in Turkey, but obviously this is what srodgy is trying to find out.


Hopefully someone who knows will come along & be able to answer the question. :)

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I wonder if anyone can help as my brain is getting totally mashed?

I am uk citizen and my partner is Syrian, we are in the process of arranging to get married in Turkey.

However, as I was applying for a CONI I noted that on the Gov website that turkey now accepts a Affidavit/Affirmation.

It as totally confused me as what the process is... Do I just fill in the form and send it off to be legalised or is there more to it?

As it is a bilingual form do I need to get it fully translated and can thus be done in Turkey by a notary or do I have to go to a British consular or do I not need to do anything as it's bilingual? What is the next step?

Or can I still get a CONI and get it notarised in turkey and will it be accepted? I have emailed the gov office but they keep replying with the same link which I find unhelpful and confusion as it doesn't answer my questions.

Also, what paperwork does my Syrian partner need to provide as a CONI is European what is the alternative for him as he resides in SyriaSorry for all the questions and I probably have more to come......but can anyone please help?

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Well, after emailing and calling many authorities, I got no response.

The only info I managed to obtain was reading of another lady who was marrying her Syrian partner.

He obtained a document which states his personal information i.e. Date of birth, place of birth, parents details, his marital status and confirms that the information has been extracted register civil register... Signed and recently dated.

Arabs get their documents translatedI would also like to ask:Once I am I Turkey do I have to go to the British Consulate for the rest of my documents to be translated or can I go along with my partner to a notary before getting it legalised at the Turkish Governors office?

At what stage and where are my documents certified? Hope somebody can help because I am getting rather confused....

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HiHaving just had my affidavit notarised and legalised in the UK can anybody tell me if I need to go to a notary public and the Turkish consular when I go to Istanbul or can I just go straight to the marriage office as the affidavit is bilingual ?

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Eventually got married on the 25th September in istanbul. Lots of hard work, lots of walking, stress, tears and took nearly 2 weeks to sort out but persevered, it was worth it to marry my husband.

UK citizens must have an affidavit, once notirised and apostled you then must get your apostle and passport translated into turkish and notered (noter 19) in the area you are getting married.

My husband is Syrian, he got all his requirements translated in his home country as on advice to save time.... Istanbul authorities would not accept the translations (so don't waste your money, wait till you get to the area you are going to marry).

My husband journey was very stressful going back and forth and I off course went for the ride.... My hair had turned grey by the end , I think I took the stress away from him.

He required an extract from the civil register in his home country to prove he was single and had it stamped by the foreign minister.

His extract/passport and birth certificate needs translating then they will need to be notirised (noter 19)

His original copies had to then go to the Syrian consular to be stamped.

Then all papers of his had to go to the instanbul consular to be Apostled.

Everything is so far apart, going from one end of istanbul then having to go to the other side taking up all the time in the day.

In between we had to get our health reports, this took 2 days and the amount of going back and forth and the hospital being so big...communication very poor, the public were actually walking in on every consultation we had in the end as soon as I saw a door opening I stood up and put my hand up to tell the people this was my turn.

They will try and give you dates and times at later dates, don't accept it, they tried it with us but my husband demanded we wanted it done that day Which then they pointed there finger to go into a room, we went in to find that they were all sat their with their feet up on chairs talking to friends who had popped In for chat....hygiene in the hospital was below standard but only because of the amount of public traffic than runs through; 1,000 of people at one time falling over each other ..... Persevere with it...

Finally to the marriage office, make sure you have 3 photocopies of your notorised papers or he will sent you back out to get them done ...... You will also need 6 passport photographs (the hospital will use one of them and the marriage office the rest)

Our marriage was booked 48 hours later, it ceremony lasted 2 minutes, no exchange of rings and no vows make sure you tell them you want this.

Our translator let us down so the official kindly spoke in English as a one off, maybe that's why our ceromony was so short and one of our witness's didn't turn up so the janitor offered to stand in which we accepted and give him a small fee

Sorry for the above being long winded but that was just part of our experience and what requirements are needed, so those who have managed to do it themselves in 3 days for different nationalities must be superhuman, luckily we were there for 3 weeks.

Advice:, take a translator with you it might make the process quicker for you and even though a birth certificate was a requirement, they didn't use.

Like I say...... It was worth it to marry the man I adore and love xx

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