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Taking Pet dog back to Ireland from Turkey

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Hi ,


I will be moving to Ankara in June along with my english cocker spaniel

from Dublin . I had planned to go the only Direct route to istanbul via Turkish AIrlines

however i was informed they can carry a pet on outbound flight but not on inbound

flights back to Ireland.

I wonder has anyone returned to Ireland with a Pet and By which route?

I am concerned about going with him now .





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Hi Geraldine


I am planning on moving to Turkey from Ireland in early September and am taking my two dogs with me. I have enquired with Dept of Agriculture about taking them back and basically they have to have a blood test a couple of months before leaving Turkey to make sure they have not contracted rabies etc and if all okay they can come back into Ireland.. I have not decided yet what way I will transport them to Turkey as yet have been looking into a few ways. I know a lady who moved back to Wales and used Paws Bulgaria to transport her dogs and cat from Turkey and she was very happy with the service she received and all went very well. I contacted Turkish airlines and I need to let them know date of departure and it would depend on what plane they are using on a particular day? I dont know whether they told you the same. There is also another way to go from Manchester with Jets for Pets. If you have any other questions please let me know. I just could not leave them :( and am moving over for a few years. 


Kind regards

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You could always fly pegasus airlines to Paris, take the train to callais, and have someone you drive you through, and then continue on a ferry from the west coast. Iooks complicated but it works out inexpensive. Pegasus lets you carry your pet on board as long as it's up to 6 kg (or something like that)


And ofcourse you need to have the right documents for the pet

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