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getting uk divorce recognised in Turkey

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You both (or maybe just your ex) will have to apply to a Turkish court to have the UK divorce legally recognized, otherwise in Turkey you will still be considered as married.  If you never intend going back there it won't matter for you, but if your ex is ever thinking of marrying again, it's in his interest to apply.  The best way is through a lawyer.


Information on this topic has been discussed in previous threads on this forum -- just search !  Good luck ! :)

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My Turkish divorce took roughly two weeks! We both applied for it, money and property was settled out of courts, and we have no children. The cost was really small as well, something like 200 lira. just don't get solicitors involved if both of you want it, because they drag it out and end up, making the process expensive.

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hi mine is a little different i was divorced from my turkish husband over a year ago But i am still waiting for my final divorce paper i have tryed now for over 6 months but getting nowhere with it .i am getting soo fustrated .please can you help me with this .thank you cheryl huxley . i cannot get hold of my ex husband to speak to him about this also my turkish lawyer does not speak english soo difficult .

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