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Changing a UAE Driving License to a Turkish One

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I don't know about the UAE, but US, UK, and European Union nationals don't have to take the driving test again. It's mostly paperwork and various fees. See this article:

How to Get a Turkish Driving License

I haven't finished editing it just yet, but it's basically presentable.

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Hi Sam, i dont know if you will get this or not! however i am moving soon to Ankara from Dubai and i was wondering the same thing.

Im assuming that by now you have actually moved to turkey and figured out if the Dubai license is interchangeable or not.

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You would need to get it done at the Nüfus ve Vatantaşlık İşleri Genel Müdürlüğü (Population and Citizenship Directorate, or Nüfus)

On this page it lists the required documents:

Nüfus Driver's License Required Documents

Under "Başvuru ile İlgili Sorular ve Yanıtları," Item 7, it lists the documents you need:

  1. Original copy of the foreign driver's license and a color copy.
  2. Notary or consular approved Turkish translation (you can go to any Noter, or notary, office. There will be a translation office nearby. They will also take care of the notarization of the translation for you.
  3. Identification certificate (passport).
  4. Driver's health report. You can get this at any hospital. Excluding waiting time, it takes maybe 20 minutes. You'll need to have a biometric photo to be attached to the report. I think it is only one, but get a few just in case.
  5. Driver's license application and fees.
  6. One biometric photo.
  7. Blood type document (you'll get this with your health report)
  8. High school diploma or equivalent, from your country, with a notarized Turkish translation.
  9. Criminal record. If you are new to Turkey, you will need to get this from your home country. It must have an apostille, or be legalized through diplomatic channels if your country is not a signatory to the apostille convention. I checked the Apostille Convention Website and I don't see the UAE as being a signatory to the convention. So you would need to check with your embassy or consulate to see how to legalize the document in Turkey. What the Nüfus will need is an additional document which certifies the origin of the criminal record, that is, that it actually came from the government office which created it. Then both of those documents would need to have notarized translations done in Turkey.

Once you have your documents, make an appointment with at the Nüfus online. You can do that here:

Nüfus Appointments

Click on "Sürücü Belgesi" for "Driver's License." Then set up your appointment. You'll have an appointment, but at least from my experience in Antalya, you will still need to check in and take a number. It can take a while, so take a good book with you.

I recently changed my license over to the new type, so I went through a similar process, although I didn't need to get any documents from my home country to do that. And I am assuming what you heard is true, that you can simply change it over... you can always call the Nüfus help line. They have an English option. That number is 199. You can call it for free anywhere in Turkey.

I don't think you need to have your education certificate legalized--just your criminal record if it comes from another country. That is normally only done on public documents issued and maintained by government offices, not by schools. But you can always call 199 and ask them.

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Any one try to do it? i mean replacement of the driving license ?

Smrtaha; did you do it?

I ask one driving school in Mersin; they told me UAE embassy doesn't reply to Nufus for any inquiry about validity of UAE driving license (Dubai)  !!

what if i attesting the Driving License from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Turkish consulate in UAE?


Any one can advise please ?




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Have a look on Doc Martens they've got all the most up to date info




A quick browse though tells me that yes you can transfer your UAE licence. You will need to complete all the other requirements (including providing school leaving certificate etc) as stated above.  I was unable to transfer mine as my country of origin doesnt allow international licences for some insane reason so I just sat the driver's test. It was easy. You can take it in Turkish, English or Arabic. 

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