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A Cat's Eye Gouged Out at Pirlanta Plaji Cesme

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Hello Cesme Animal Lovers,


My husband & I are travelling in Turkey in our caravan and have been staying a couple days at Pirlanta Plaji (kite surfing beach) southwest of Cesme at a fenced but seasonally closed campground (N 38.28425  E 26.25018).  Our visa is expiring and we must leave tomorrow (Sunday 3/16 for Greece).  As usual, there are many stray cats visiting the trash bins but one in particular is in need of assistance.  It is an adult cat with a left eye that appears to be missing or badly hurt and infected, no doubt hindering his search for food..  He/she is quite wild and defensive but we have fed/watered the poor creature and it appears to be struggling to survive and in need of medical attention. He/She has shown up in the afternoons hoping for food. We have been unable to find any contact info for an animal shelter nor animal rescue in Cesme on line and in a desperate search for help, have stumbled upon this forum.  Can anyone help this poor kitty? We can try to get a picture to post this afternoon.  We are at the furthest western end of the camp near the children's play swings.  The cats are mostly at the far western end in the forest and visit the trash bin there.  We have left water and food for the hurt cat in front of a small outbuilding across from the swings.  Thank you so much for listening.



bs@bstrukin.com  or enievs@gmail.com   www.bstruckin.com 


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Thank you so much for your reply.  Attached is a picture of the cat.  He allowed us to approach him the last day so no doubt he could eventually trust but he is quite a gnarly guy and would have to be trapped. We left a bag of food and water but surely there are many enjoying the meal.  Thank you in advance to anyone who can help.



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