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Importing Personal Antique Furniture to Turkey from USA

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Hi there,


I browsed through many forum postings regarding my topic and found some useful information but it was still a bit confusing.


I'm planning on staying in Turkey for awhile and may end up living there permanently.


If things go well and I end up staying indefinitely, I'm seriously considering shipping my furniture from the US. I realize it's expensive and have checked out reviews and quotes, but I have nice quality antique dark wood American furniture that you just can't find in Turkey. It's unique and has sentimental value to me, although it wasn't expensive and isn't valuable.  All I've seen there is ultra-modern IKEA-style or super gaudy Baroque stuff. And even some of that junk is super pricey.  I figure you couldn't replace what I have for the cost of shipping--but ultimately I guess it will depend on how much that estimate ends up being.


I had already heard that you can't export antiques from Turkey in order to protect their national heritage. Okay, that makes sense.  However, a shipping company sent me a list of Turkey's import regulations and I was shocked to find "antiques" listed under forbidden imports. I spent hours online doing research and still can't find any answers.  Most of my antiques are more than 100 years old (but I have no documentation--no receipts, no certificates, nothing--you can just guess the age by style), so in some places that classifies them as "cultural property." I can't find any info on the US CBP site as to whether it's even legal to take it out of the country, even though it's my personal furniture. It's beautiful and from the late 19th Century, but it's the kind of stuff you find at antique stores everywhere in the US. I probably couldn't resell it for what I paid for it. But it's valuable to me; I haven't seen anything like it in Turkey.


I read elsewhere that you could bring foreign antiques into Turkey as personal household goods, but if you ever wanted to take them back out, you'd need to certify them at entry and stamp them in your passport.


Does anyone happen to know anything about this?  Has anyone on this forum ever shipped their own antique furnishings to enjoy in Turkey?


I've also contacted the US CBP and the Turkish contact from my shipping company and am awaiting their responses. The Turkish government web sites seem hard to navigate...


Thanks for any info you may be able to pass along,



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