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Visitor Visa to the UK - Invitation letter

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Hi All


On the off chance does anyone have a template / sample or willing to share their invite letter for a Turkish National applying for a visitor visa to the UK.


My brother in law would like to visit and as I'm the settled person here in the UK he needs to apply for a general visit and I'll be supporting his stay. 


Im not usually one lost for word but when it comes to writing it out my mind is blocked. 


Any hints or tips would be great.

Thanking you in advance



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This has worked for me in the past - it is a start !!!







  Your Name

  Your Address

  Your Phone House

  Your Phone mobile

  Your Email



Dear sir/Madam,

I wish to sponsor XXXXXXX (my brother –in –law) who would like to visit the United Kingdom for a holiday and renew family ties between the dates of ----- to ------.

During his stay in the UK, I undertake full Financial/Social responsibility for XXXXX.

I shall ensure that XXXX returns to Turkey ( his country of origin) on expiration of his visa.

Your sincerely


(Your name)

Attachments: - Bank statement – to show that you can afford to do what you say you can

  -Utility Bill showing your Name and address

  Copy of your passport

  Copy of his passport

  Some sort of proof showing relationship – maybe marriage certificate (if the surname matches up)


I had this in WORD however the formatting seems to have gone haywire .


Good luck

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What about the wording if it is my Turkish Wife who is going or hopfull will be visiting my family  in the UK as I will be taking financial responsibility for her not my sister?????

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