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Best area to live

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My wife has possible position at Izmir university of economics for master and phd degree which means that she will stay there for at least 2 or three years ,i will not be able to stay with her for the whole time .she will stay there with our three kids 12,10,8 years old. Can we find school for kids near to the university (English) school,with reasonable fees ,and school bus for sure. Can we also find a flat for rent near to the university with reasonable price?

I am not sure if the university can help us or not!

And is it safe and easy for a woman to live there alone with her kids and what is the safest area for live?

Is it easy to find house keeper or baby setter there? Thanks

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Hi there! 


I live in Narlidere which is close to Economy University, and I should say it is a very safe and nice area to live in especially with family and kids.

Prices range, of course depending on your budget. Lots of parks, malls, grocery shops, hospitals, schools etc...  You can look on website :




I probably could help you when you guys arrive, I currently don't work so I have free time to spare...



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Thank you aidaWhat about the schools Is it possible to find international school at that area for the kids cause we all dont speak turkishDo you recommend us to come to izmir in advance to arrange every thingI am worried that the school will be expensive for us I took alook over the flats at you area it is reasonableThank you againAltaanihh

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The only International school in Izmir is MEF in Gaziemir which is very expensive DEAD LINK. The school tends to caters to transient students and the education reflects this.

Re; Safety - my wife lives alone with my 7-year old son in Urla on a secure complex and has had no problems. My son studies at TAKEV in Narlidere and travels in the school bus.

If you need any further information just shout


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For finding an apartment, check this article:

Finding an Apartment to Rent in Turkey

It has links at the bottom of the article to the major internet sources for finding a place to live, on those websites you can check the prices in various places and see what you can get for your money.

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You would have to come to Turkey, and sign a rental contract with the landlord or the real estate agent.  I would not recommend entering any contract without seeing the property first. You can give someone in Turkey power of attorney to rent the apartment for you, but there should be no need for this, there are usually plenty of apartments available to choose from. So come to Turkey, use the advertisements to find which apartments you are interested in. I print out the pages in hard copy, then call the landlord or owner for each one, and spend a couple of days apartment shopping before I sign a contract.

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On 02.08.2018 at 06:13, Liz Clarke yazdı:

Will it be relatively okay if I did my transactions there, without seeing the property? How does it work? Do I save the apartment that I like, or do I pay there? Thank you.

As Mr. Grubb mentioned and as a real estate agent I higly recommend you thst  do not rent or buy a property without seeing. 

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