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Thank you for this forum.  I have a VERY young friend, a citizen of the UK,  travelling in Istanbul as a model and she's also there on a promotional tour.  She's only 19.  Her companion/bodyguard also happens to be her boyfriend... I know not a good idea.  I didn't know the boyfriend was tagging along.  Anyways, the other night he beat her.  She's in Istanbul and has no friends living there... her agent is not in country.  She's in fear for her life.  I told her to get out, go to a shop, call the British Consulate-General for help.  Was that the correct thing to do?  My husband traveled to Istanbul with the military but the laws for military are quite different.  Please tell me I did the right thing.  I'm afraid the gorilla is going to kill her. 



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She really should go to the consulate and tell them what happened. If she goes to the police, they are likely to take action, but sometimes they don't. Some Turkish policemen, unfortunately, look at women-beating as a personal matter not requiring police intervention. WRONG!!! It is an assault, and it should be prosecuted.


To be sure something is done about this, go to the British consulate. They can't enforce local laws, but they can make sure the local laws are enforced, especially when one of their citizens is mistreated.


Your friend needs to get away from her assailant in any way possible, and not listen to any apologies or appeals by him to get her back. Woman (wife) beaters always make grandiose appeals to get the victim back in the same situation again, with flowers, romance, begging, whatever. And the result is always the same. And the women often fall for the appeals to come back again and again.


If she doesn't get away, there will be another beat-down, or worse. She needs to get out of there now, and sever ties from this man.

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I agree with ken, but i must say Turkish police are little bit sensitive foreigner related complaints since those type of criminal action could take a place at international newspapers. I think she should do both, make a complaint against Bf by police and informing the consulate. Most cases, police took the man who use violence on women for one night at police station undercustody. But if the violence exist the person who is subject to violence has to make the complaint.

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I should also say that she should go to the hospital and get treated there. This will also create a record that the police, if they don't take it seriously, cannot deny. I was once assaulted and went to the police, who didn't take the assault on me seriously. After I went to the hospital and got treated, they took it seriously. I would also like to know the outcome of this.

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