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is there anyone under 20 that are expat?


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Why does the young person have to be an expat to speak English ?

because its very difficult for me to speak turkish with them and the certain words are very hard to say in turkish so we just go back and forth you know? 

I'm 26 but I act like a 19 year old.

Then we should become best friends..... 

I'm sure a lot of students learning English would welcome you as a friend, so they can practise their language skills on you !  You'd be very popular with them ......... good luck ! Posted Image

So far i didn't get a warm welcome from the turkish residents in mersin the girls are like really stuck  up..  and the guys are just plain weird and i actually don't know why  : 

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I think if you want to make friends in a foreign country you should be more open to being friends with people of different ages and backgrounds. Back in my home country, my friends tended to be the same age as me as we had met at school, university or our first job after graduating. Since moving to Turkey, however, I have made friends who are up to 60 years old. If we both speak English and get on, why not? I've found it really rewarding to have older friends. Good luck!

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