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Looking for fellow Coeliacs in Turkey

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Hello all forum people,


I recently moved to the Black Sea region with my new husband and I am from bonny Scotland. I have had Coeliac disease for nearly 10 years and am finding the transition a little difficult. I was wondering if any fellow Coeliacs in Turkey would mind imparting some of their wisdom to me? 


I have been surviving on basic unpackaged foods like cheese, eggs, fish, dairy and my parents recently brought out loads of flour and other things. The Coeliac societies here don't seem to have much coherence and I am not really sure what brands to trust. Also, are the medications here gluten free like most of them are back home? Taking a simple pill from the doctor turns into a massive detective hunt with several dictionaries and confused mutterings.


​Any advice would be much appreciated :)


Thank you people of the forum.


Becca :)

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Maybe you also have a Metro there in your neighbourhood ?

It is a big grocery store, their website is : 





Maybe your husband can find the nearest store near your town this way.

Not only for businesses, you can also get a daycard there, you need this when you are paying your shopping articles at the kassa.


They have a special part for people with Coliac disease, gluten allergy.

Here in Alanya they have these things near the bread department, so probably also there  Posted Image


Good luck, I hope this will help you Posted Image

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