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I received the following message from a Turkish person who works for a relief organization at the same shared office space that I work from. I dont know if this 100% accurate, but am sharing anyways.


Stay safe, y'all.



This statement is for areas in HATAY, ANKARA AND ISTANBUL 
ISIS has threatened a number of areas and has released it to the media. ISIS have mentioned Hatay, Istanbul and Ankara and areas that FSA are know to be. It is recommended that areas where large gathering are happening for your own safety it would be suggested to stay away. 
ISIS is targeting FSA and other opposition groups. This is due to the G2 happing and the active role that Turkey is playing. this potential that their threats are real. 
It is suggested that no large gatherings in hotels, function halls or large conference centres  and shopping centres which are hosting public events or well known expat areas over the next few days. This warning will be until the G2 is over, this will be till the weekend.
On top of this it is recommender that all projects continue as normal but drivers are not to take any STL staff into the centre of the city. If you are a Staff member make sure your driver does not take you into the city find other routes. For the next three days please have food delivered to your work place and minimise exposure to public areas, if possible. 

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