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Looking for Sadi Hoca

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There is a Turkish scholar named Sadi Hoca. My wife's ex-husband is a big follower of this hoca.

I live in the US and am Islamically married to a Turkish wife. She was previously married with a daughter.

Everything was going well until her ex-husband produced some document saying that when he said "I divorce you" to her 3 times over 5 years ago, it only counted as one. So they are not divorced and he is trying to force his rights on her. They have a daughter together and this is making it very difficult for the little girl.

I need to URGENTLY get in touch with Sadi hoca and arrange a meeting with her ex-husband so we can settle this matter in a civil and Islamic way. I am sure he will listen to Sadi hoca.

PLEASE if any of you out there know how I can get in touch with Said hoca please let me know! I am trying to protect my family.

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