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UK TV Abroad.

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If anyone wishes to se UK television while in Turkey,or anywhere in the world without having to pay a monthly fee for a VPN,this may be of interest to you.

As long as you use Google Chrome,you can get BBC 1,2,3,4 & ITV 1,2,3,4 in live and catchup & Channel4 in catchup. Channel 5 catchup will be operational soon,but there is a compatability problem with Google & C5 [even with a VPN C5 doesn't work]. At this moment in time it's not suitable for Android or ipad. At the moment there is just a one off fee of only £5,payable through Paypal...then Nothing else to pay...ever!!!

The owner has asked me to trial it,and i can honestly say it streams perfectly,but ONLY in Google Chrome.

It's an easy set up putting the file into Chrome extensions,so no big download,5 mins & it's operational. Click on the link below to go to his Facebook page & see others reviews & for the download link. I'm gaining nothing from this,just thought it was worth sharing. DEAD LINK

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Thanks Redders, good stuff. Posted Image There are many free VPN services which can be found if wanted or needed.


VPNBook.com is a free VPN service that is relatively easy to setup and use. It should NOT be used as a primary VPN service. It should only be used occasionally for some website shopping in foreign countries or an occasional browse to blocked web sites. Go to their web site where their home page describes a VPN and why is it used.


You will next need to get the software bundles to use with Free OpenVPN. If you click on one of the country “bundles” it should ask you to download some software.


You will also need to download OpenVPN software from the OpenVPN software site.


After you download the software then read carefully for How to Setup OpenVPN and VPNBook.

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i'm with Jud on this - uktvaccess woks for me, only had grief with other systems and can at least use the same account on my laptop, pad and TV. The other issue is free means no technical support, and I have found Neil to be really helpful when i have had the occasional problem. (am a bit of a techno-numpty). as he also lives in turkey, he knows a lot of the main common problems people face here, too -bwhen i was having trouble one time he correctly diagnosed the issue and showed me how to get ttnet engineers out to fix my line - hats off (or should i say fezzes?)

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